Constituency Session 2022


Your church has chosen and empowered you to serve as a delegate for the 17th Regular Constituency Session of the Allegheny West Conference. What you do is necessary to the governance process, the mission and ministry of our conference.  May the spirit of God guide you as you undertake this very important task. 


The Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual – 19th Edition, on pages 114 and 115, give counsel of the duty of delegates:
“Delegates to a conference session are not chosen to represent merely the church or conference. They should view the work as a whole, remembering their responsibility for the welfare of the worldwide work of the Church. It is not permissible for church or conference delegations to organize or attempt to direct their votes as a unit. Nor is it permissible for the delegates from a large church or the conference to claim preeminence in directing affairs in a conference session. Each delegate should be susceptible to the direction of the Holy Spirit and vote according to personal convictions. Any church or conference officer or leader attempting to control the votes of a group of delegates would be considered disqualified for holding office.”

There is additional counsel given in the November 25, 1873 Review and Herald by Ellen G. White:

“The importance of any meeting does not necessarily arise from the numbers of those present or the amount of discussion and speechmaking connected with it, but rather upon the weighty matters decided upon and the spirit of unison and love among those in attendance.”


There are three types of delegates:

Regular delegates
Regular delegates are chosen by the local churches and companies of the Allegheny West Conference. They are church members of the congregations they represent.

Alternate delegates
Alternate delegates are chosen by the local churches and companies to step in and serve as a regular delegate in the event a regular delegate cannot attend the session. This is a pre-approved list of alternates submitted by the churches and companies. Last minute changes are not encouraged and should be avoided at all cost.

Delegates-at-Large are automatic delegates to the session based on employment or membership on various committees of the conference. These delegates include conference officers, conference departmental directors , pastors hired by field budget (pastors who are locally hired are not delegates-at-large), school principals, teachers, office staff and members of executive and constitution and bylaws committees.

Delegates-at-large are also officers of the Columbia Union Conference, the North American Division and the General Conference.


Step 1: The Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts has a main and back entrance with parking spaces available on both entrance areas. You may enter through any door. However, we will be setup closest to the back entrance.

Step 2: Registration will take place in Foyer 2 between Ballrooms 3 and 4.

Step 3: Proceed to the Registration Area. Tables will be setup by the first letter of delegates’ last name.

Step 4: Upon registration, you will receive the following:

    1. Delegate ID Badge
    2. Entry Card
    3. Session Materials
    4. Gift

Step 5: Proceed through the ballroom door indicated on the entry card given to you at the registration table. Find your seating area. Ushers will be available to assist you. Only registered delegates will be allowed to be seated in the AREA RESERVED FOR DELEGATES.