Sharon Bowen




•To encourage the local churches to include and give special attention to persons with disabilities. Our programs and workshops are designed to ensure that all have equal access and inclusion.


• Provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to deepen their faith and experience spiritual growth and fulfillment.

• Challenge persons with disabilities to use their spiritual gifts and talents for the glory of God in their churches, homes and their local communities.
• Address concerns of persons with disabilities and help build networks among persons with disabilities.

• Assist and council church ministries and church leaders of the Churches’ role and responsibility to members and guests who have disabilities.

• Publish Quarterly News Letter for disabilities ministries leaders and community on awareness of issues, legislation and other pertinent information that affects persons with disabilities.

• Advise and assist churches regarding acceptable transportation that is accessible and designed for persons with disabilities.

• Provide training, workshops, speakers and materials on disability awareness and access for churches within AWC.

• Make recommendations and keep church boards abreast of avenues to take to ensure that church facilities are in compliance with the Disabilities Act and legislation which affects persons with disabilities and that church facilities are accessible to and for persons with disabilities.

• Work in conjunction with organizations that provide services and programs to persons with disabilities.

• Make sure that each church within the conference are knowledgeable of their responsibility to persons with disabilities and that each church provides at least one Disability Awareness Sabbath within the year.

Our commitment to express all communication in the context of the church’s strategic values of unity, growth and quality of life

Resources Available

Video’s that promotes disabilities awareness

Guidelines for Disabilities Ministries Programs

Assistance/Guidance for producing a Disabilities Day and Awareness Sabbath

Seminars/Workshops – Participation within the local churches to observe Disabilities Awareness week which is observed annually in May on a National level.

For more information regarding Disabilities Ministries, please contact Sharon L. Bowen, Director, at the above address and /or phone number.