Men’s Ministry Day


Author: Ruth Ann Parker
Photographer: Stephanie Rose

December 9, 2023, was Men’s Ministry Day at Temple Emmanuel! The theme was “The
Making of God’s Man,” based on scripture Revelation 1:6-8 and featured three (3) speakers.
The first to speak was Temple Emmanuel’s Men’s Ministry Leader, Deacon Michael Orange
whose topic was “The Teaching of Man’s Role as King and Priest.” The second speaker was
Elder Mark Callion from Alpha & Omega SDA church in Warren, Ohio. His topic was “The
Teaching of Man as the Provider, Protector and Father.” The third and final topic was “The
Teaching of Man in Intimacy, Sex and Romance,” and this message was brought by Assistant
Men’s Ministry Leader, Elder Tyrone Hughes of Temple Emmanuel.
These powerful speakers spoke of man’s God-given responsibility in the home and to
his family in each of the aforementioned categories. You can hear the entire sermons of these
men of God by going to Temple Emmanuel’s YouTube channel or Facebook page, dated
December 9, 2023. You want to be sure to tune in!