New Leaf Ministry

Samuel Thomas


We believe and teach the Bible as the guidebook through which all may find salvation, instruction for transformation, and restoration.
We believe and espouse the principles of the reformation as described in its motto: Sola Scriptura, Sola Gracia, Sola Christos.
We believe in the invaluable companion and Divinely ordered companion to Scripture, for Christian living, the Gift or Spirit of Prophecy, as promised to Christ’s Remnant Church (See Revelation 12:17 and 19:10).
We believe and teach the prophetically identifiable, and unique, final phase of Biblical Christianity as recognized by the term “Remnant” (See Isaiah 1:9; 10:20, 21; Micah 5:7, 8; 7:18; Revelation 12:17) , and their corresponding mission, as expressed in: Daniel 7:8-14, 22; 12:1-3; Matthew 22:2-14; 24:13-15; 25:1-13;  Revelation 3:14-22; chapters,  12; 13; 14; and, 18:1-5; 19:8-10)


Jesus Christ—We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and fully God and fully man (See Hebrews 2). He is our ONLY means of salvation, and it is only by His grace and His grace alone are we saved. We can do nothing to earn our salvation, and we then purpose to evidence that relationship through the intentional commitment of following Him in all things.

Cross, the Evidence of our Need of Salvation—Jesus’ death and resurrection is our way to heaven. Because of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, we can by faith, understand our relation as ‘perfect’ if we accept His atoning sacrifice in our behalf; purposely maintaining that relationship, daily.

Creation: Divinely Designed and Ordered—We believe in the unerring veracity of the Bible. It is the Word of God from cover to cover. This belief includes the literal interpretation of Genesis 1—that God created the heavens and the earth in 6 literal days and rested the 7th, and that the signs of His creative work exist in the natural world even today.

Commandments: God’s Character Transcribed—Because of our love for Jesus and thankfulness for what He has done for us, we choose to keep God’s commandments (See John 14:15). This includes the Fourth Commandment, which tells us that we must keep the Sabbath on the seventh day. The commandments were upheld by Christ, and manifested through Christ, our example, as Saviour.

The Imminent Return of Christ—We believe in the audible, visible, literal return of Jesus Christ, in the clouds of heaven, and that He will resurrect His faithful dead, or if we are alive, as the Bible says, we will meet him in the air (See 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).

Our commitment to express all communication in the context of the church’s strategic values of unity, growth and quality of life

Mission and Objective

The purposeful and intentional instruction of Biblical principles, Christian values, and Spirit of Prophecy instruction, for the objective of leading a full, complete, and surrendered life in Christ. We achieve this through seminars and lectures on Scriptural admonition, prophetic teachings, and matters in Christian lifestyle.