How does it work?

The 2022 President’s Bible Reading Challenge is a goal to read the entire Bible in one month.


Yes! Like HMS Richards’ yearly practice of taking a survey of the entire scriptures during the first month of each year, the Allegheny West Conference and Ohio Conference are teaming up to challenge every member to immerse in the story of the Great Controversy together in January 2022.


To get involved, sign up with the form below to receive a daily email with that day’s reading assignment. During the 31 days fo January, there will be roughly 39 chapters assigned each day.


In many ways, a project like this will replace many of the regular forms of “entertainment” we all consume each day. Some may choose to listen to the Bible reading using an app on their phone while they drive to work or on headphones while doing daily tasks. Others may take periodic breaks throughout the day to read a few chapters at a time in their physical Bibles.



There are multiple ways to engage with this reading challenge, but in the end, our prayer is that we come together as a people of God around inspired Word of God.


Won’t you join us!

"Is it possible to read the Bible that fast?”

This reading of the scriptures is more of an overview, rather than in-depth verse by verse study. Think of it like listening to a book on tape, or like watching a TV show. We are reading through the Bible to engage with it’s narrative – to hear the entire grand narrative of God’s love.


As such, the purpose of each day’s reading is to survey the message of each passage. During the rest of the year, one can return to sections of interest to do deep parsing and study.


Leveraging tools such as audio versions of the Bible, can help with this process. Many familiar with listening to audiobooks know that some programs and apps have a ‘listening speed’ feature – allowing “reading” to be done at up to twice the speed.