It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved pastor and friend Wilbur Young

Eugene Anthony, pastor of our Glenville Present Truth SDA

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Eugene Anthony, pastor of our Glenville Present Truth SDA Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
Pastor Anthony was a beloved pastor and will be sincerely missed by the entire Allegheny West Conference. Please join us in continued prayer for his family and the members of the Glenville Present Truth church.

The Allegheny West Conference is saddened to announce the passing of Pastor St Clare Phipps.  Pastor Phipps was a former pastor of AWC who was both loved and respected.  Please join us as we keep his family in our prayers.

Story by Benia Jennings


This year the Allegheny West Conference (AWC) has adopted the theme “Worship Through Service & Sacrifice—Giving and Living His Calling.” Conference leaders charged members and churches to join in renewed commitment to the service of others by engaging in acts of sacrificial kindness to impact lives throughout the territory.

“It’s not whether or not we wave or clap our hands during the worship service; it’s whether or not God is saying, ‘You did well this week, you surrendered more to the Holy Spirit leading and guiding in your life, you were My hands and My feet that helped to touch people’s lives,’” says William T. Cox Sr., AWC president. “And that’s what we want to experience in AWC. If we can ignite that kind of fire in our conference through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, then eyes have not seen, neither ears heard what God can do for us and through us.”

AWC staff asked three ministry leaders what worship through service means to them and how it may differ from traditional views of the church worship experience:

Worship through service expands on the view that worship is not relegated to a specific time in our week or specific atmosphere, but rather is our response to God’s self-revelation. Oftentimes God will reveal Himself in spaces that require our practical work and our practical effort. God says there is service to be rendered, and I personally view that service as an offering unto Him.—Ndubuisi Nwade, pastor of the Ephesus church in Columbus, Ohio

When I think of worship, I think of reverence, and, for me, the best way to show reverence to someone is to try to imitate or to be like them. The best way to show that in terms of worshipping God and Jesus is realizing that Jesus lived a life of service, and for me the best way to worship Him is living a life of service as He did.—Jason Ridley, AWC Youth Ministries director

Sometimes we can offer praise and reflect Christ through our acts of service for others. Being a servant and being of service goes far beyond praise and worship; worship is active, in fact it’s an action word that means helping, doing and truly being who God has commissioned us to be. Through His Spirit, He enables us to be a blessing to someone and to worship Him through the service we do. I think sometimes it’s those little things that at first seem insignificant to us that end up being the most impactful. Earlier this year, I saw an elderly lady struggling to put groceries in the trunk of her car, so I went over and helped her. Sometimes we see people needing assistance, and we either choose to go out of our way to help them, or we can choose to turn a blind eye and move on. I believe that when we live a life of sacrificial service to others, then God is truly glorified.—Jermaine K. Jackson, CFO for AWC

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Allegheny West Conference Treasury Staff Member Retires

Story by Benia Jennings

This month Allegheny West Conference (AWC) staff bid farewell to Kevin Mosby, assistant treasurer, who joined the conference’s Treasury Department in August 1989 as an accountant. He served for 30 years, working 44 years in total for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. During Mosby’s time as assistant treasurer, he was tasked with numerous responsibilities, including but not limited to, payroll, remittances and deposits. An elder and stewardship director at the Central church in Columbus, Mosby always volunteered his wealth of knowledge and skills within the church and spearheaded several building projects.

“I’ve worked with four treasurers during my time at AWC, each with their own unique way of doing things. Adapting was at times challenging, but I think that with each transition, I’ve gained valuable experience,” says Mosby. “Getting to know the pastors, church treasurers and others has been the highlight of my time here. After all these years, we have become a family. I still have relationships with many former employees and I’m grateful for that.”

Twila Washington, AWC undertreasurer, says, “I have enjoyed getting to know brother Mosby over the last three years. One of the things that I will miss about him is his laugh. I can’t even describe it, but when you hear it, it brings a smile to your face. The second thing I will miss about him is going into his office and having him just talk about his life and share stories. The third thing I will miss about him are those quiet moments when he says nothing, but his face says so much more. Finally, the wealth of knowledge and dedication he has given to AWC. I’m so thankful for all that he has done, I hope he enjoys his retirement.”

Mosby adds, “I like helping people. I often get calls from church members with questions, and I’m always happy to explain to them what it is we do here and help with whatever issues they may have. In the past, we provided training to the church treasurers, as well as meetings with them on the conference’s campground. Being able to interact with and support our church members in that way was very fulfilling.”

Jermaine Jackson, chief financial officer, comments, “For 30 years, Kevin Mosby has been a stabilizing force in the Allegheny West Conference Treasury Department. As assistant treasurer, Kevin has been a faithful steward of the ‘storehouse.’ His financial acumen, coupled with his calm demeanor, has rendered him a trusted and valuable member of the treasury team. I want to thank Kevin for the lasting impact his service will continue to have on the conference and its mission to spread the good news of our loving Savior.”

Mosby continues, “My parents were very instrumental in my getting involved and remaining committed to the church. My father was head elder at the Ethnan Temple church in Pittsburg for over 20 years. In some ways, I believe that seeing that level of commitment has shaped the way I view, not only ministry work, but also dedication in other parts of my life. I sometimes chuckle when I think of when my mom would say in jest that I was the last person that she’d ever think would become an elder in the church. It makes me proud to know that because of their example, I remain faithful to God’s work.”

Mosby concludes, “I’m excited about my next chapter. I hope to take some time to rest initially but I’m looking forward to lots of traveling as well, I’d like to visit Hawaii, I have to save up for it but nevertheless, I plan on going. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my grandkids. It’s been a long and wonderful career and I’ve been blessed to serve for so many years. God has been faithful to my family and I and I know he will continue to use me for his glory no matter what the future holds.”

Ministry Builds Healthy Families for Eternity

Story by Benia Jennings

Imagine receiving free consolations with a dentist, medical doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist, psychologist and nutritionist all at the same location. The conference’s Family Ministries Department recently gathered these resources and hosted the “Building Healthy Families for Eternity” event at the Shiloh Cincinnati (Ohio) church. Staff planned a full day of workshops, training and resources designed to foster hope and bring wholeness to families.

Registrants chose from any of the 45-minute workshops by presenters Mike Dulan, M.D., on men’s health; Janice Walker, an attorney, on healthy lifestyle management; Jean Wright II, who has a doctorate in psychiatry, on mental health; Marvin Brown, AWC’s executive secretary, on financial health; Ben Swift, an attorney, on spiritual health and social justice; and Melvin Paschal, an expert in food science and environmental toxicology, on dietary health.

Attendees later moved through the building for dental cleanings, medical screenings and notarization of wills and testaments, closing with a panel discussion with the invited guests. Family Ministries Director Lloydston Burton, and his wife, Shelia, ensured that all attendees left with a gift bag.

“I will use some of the health advice from the classes,” says Shiloh member Nicole Burns.