Youth Ministry

Eric K. Peters
Youth Director
Patricia Mosby
Youth Ministry Assistant


The Allegheny West Conference youth department is constantly energized by our young people. The Allegheny West Conference youth department believes that partnering with our pastors and leaders is essential to providing meaningful experiences, training, and the environment to grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually during this special season of life. 


Know. Grow. Go. Show.

The Allegheny West Conference desires for all youth to know God by developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ through studying the word of God. We also want our youth to grow via mentoring, training, and small group interaction. We want our youth to go, being mission-driven and spirit-filled in their world. Finally, we want our youth to show the love of God through community service and discipleship directives.


And We Connect: the Allegheny West Conference youth are encouraged to connect to Christ, to connect to one another; and to connect to the community. – 

In His master plan, “the Lord has appointed the youth to be His helping hand.” —Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 64